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What We Do

Major transformations

We drive transformation starting from WHY, designing WHAT needs to be done and agreeing on HOW to execute the change.


FSQUARE team leads transformation programs keeping business and IT competences combined. Practical hands-on experience and responsibility for the end result – this is what our customers enjoy.


  • Business model transformations

  • IT landscape transformations

  • Mergers and acquisitions

Advisory with execution

FSQUARE is about getting things done by prioritizing execution over consulting.

Our 15+ years hands-on experience in developing and running the banks provides a holistic view on all disciplines in financial services: compliance, products & risk management, AML&CTF, IT services & controls, digital-driven transformations. Agile execution with  matured mindset – both are combined to drive for success.


  • Strategy and development roadmap definition

  • Leading implementation projects

  • Business, IT, Compliance, Digital

Outsourced services

FSQUARE as outsourcing partner takes over end-to-end responsibility and eliminates headache to retain insourced competences. Our team adapts to your business model and becomes integral part of operations.


  • Product & Digital development house

  • PMO service

  • Compliance as a Service

We Make Things Happen

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