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Lead & PMO role in core IT banking system transformation programme for ECB regulated Bank.

Core banking IT transformations

Provide technical supervision & expert guidance for a core banking IT system implementation programme for public finance management.

Implementation of business & IT model for mandatory banking operations after banking business closure. Proper setup and use of legacy data, servicing the post-closure inquiries from customers or institutions, etc. Supporting closures in Russia, Germany, Luxembourg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Transfer of private banking business (M&A, seller side) in Luxembourg to a Swiss bank.

M&A and business transformations

Transform business model for a Nordic bank. Enable a centralized customer servicing from the Group, transfer of corporate customers, and close operations in Germany.

Executing of the non-banking business (PSP) spin-off for an international banking Group.

Corporate lending portfolio sale transactions in Latvia and Lithuania

FinCrime prevention

Assessment of sanctions screening & AML monitoring processes and controls, data analytics, false positive alerts’ reduction programme

Specification of FinCrime prevention solution and vendor selection for ECB regulated bank

Banking products development

Product development as-a-service (lending and leasing products) for the non-banking lender in the Baltics.

Daily banking products development function within a retail bank.

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