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Transform existing financial institution

Why us?

What and how we deliver?

Our joint business & IT team has a real track of making major transformations in banking happening on time, quality and budget.​ We merged 3 local banks in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia into the regional Baltic bank. Single IT platform has been delivered and 3 banks migrated into it. Also cross-border customer offering has been developed, back-office operations and risks controls consolidated to ensure maximum efficiency.

We deliver transformation through active engagement with your organization. By having hands-on experience in financial services and also real experience in major transformations, we seek to become integral part of your teams to trigger, define and execute the transformation from within. We are believers that major transformations can be only delivered successfully if organization is well prepared and guided.


Also, business and IT should speak the same language and act as one team. As real living example of such business & IT cooperation, we will foster that culture within your organization to ensure peace and cooperation between those two competence centers.

Transformations in financial organizations are very different: consolidating or outsourcing back-office, optimizing internal processes, changing customer servicing interface, getting rid of IT legacy systems, introducing new line of business or closing the existing one, merging, selling, acquiring part of the business, etc. 

Depending on the transformation you need, we will always start with WHY, defining reason for a change. Only after that we define WHAT should be delivered to make a change happen and HOW together with your teams we will implement it.

We will deliver PMO service and its routines, introduce development, testing & roll-out models, transition technics, etc. However our way of working will employ your people at maximum possible capacity. We will seek that your teams come out after the transformation much stronger and can deliver long-term results for your organization.

Our ultimate aim is to make the transformation happen and deliver real business results.