Abstract Architecture
Provide Project management & PMO services

Why us?

We have orchestrated number of complex business transformation programmes and optimized Project management & PMO practices in order to make these very practical. Now we can provide this to you as part of overall business transformation implementation.

What and how we deliver?

In preparation phase we:

  • Define programme charter, raison d'etre

  • Set key decisions principles and priorities

  • Build sustainable, actionable governance and organization setup

  • Prepare all necessary documentation templates

  • Plan stakeholders management

  • Prepare project plan

  • Set-up / define documents and data repositories usage tools

  • Set-up recurring project meetings with different project governance layers

  • Set-up status reporting tools and routines

  • Set-up risk management process and tools

  • Set-up task management process and tools and define initial scope


In execution phase we:

  • Make sure that the project is completed according to agreed plan

  • Orchestrate and document meetings

  • Track and control task execution

  • Facilitate stakeholders discussions

  • Report project status

  • Coordinate migration rehearsals and cutovers

  • Run Command Center

  • Provide audit-proof project implementation documentation

NB! Even though the list of activities might seem too complex for smaller programmes, we still make it very practical and easy to follow.

Our ultimate goal is to guide transformation programme from start to end, delivering what has been agreed in approved business case.