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Establish fully equipped AML workplace 

Why us?

What and how we deliver?

We have been actively working in AML & CTF area since Y2015 by setting up effective frameworks to combat financial crime in banking.

We deliver fully equipped AML workplace for your Compliance person and organization as a whole. It will be designed in accordance to your business model on a risk based approach.

Our preferred way of implementing AML framework is to guide your Compliance person (or recruit together a new one, if needed) through all disciplines of financial crime prevention starting from definition of Risk appetite and Governance, KYC and Customer Due Diligence processes, to proper Ongoing Due Diligence measures.

We will select and integrate IT solutions for Sanctions & PEP screening of both your customers and transactions to keep you safe. According to your specific business model we will define and implement Transaction monitoring rules in order to keep you alerted if some extraordinary behavioral patterns appear.

Specific, but very important disciplines as, Trainings & awareness, Management information, Record keeping & retention and Reporting, will be addressed with proper care. After going through all disciplines together your Compliance function will be ready to stand strong in combating financial crime.

Our ultimate goal is to make overall AML&CTF framework optimal and effective according to your business model.