Abstract Architecture
Ensure compliance

Why us?

Compliance topic was always on our development agenda and became even more intense recently. Our team was practically delivering on AML & CTF directive implementation, GDPR framework, FATCA & CRS, statutory reporting and other regulations.

What and how we deliver?

We believe that, when doing things right, even compliance may become business enabler and competitive advantage.

While general regulation rules might be the same, there is no universal tool for all financial organizations. What fits for cross-border bank might be huge cost burden for new payment institution. 

We are coming to work with your product owners and IT specialists to interpret regulation together in accordance with your business complexity and set the rules to comply with it. After agreeing on compliance interpretation, we will prepare business requirements, will specify what's exactly needs to be developed and will explain these to your internal developers or IT vendor. Testing, training and roll-out is part of our engagement.

Ultimately we aim to make financial world safer place for you and others to do business in.