Abstract Architecture
Build new financial institution

Why us?

Our team was building and running full-scale universal banks in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia for 15+ years. We developed and rolled-out banking products & processes, digital banking applications and respective IT systems.

What and how we deliver?

We create financial institution together. Depending on the phase you are in, we can deliver in license pre-application phase by discussing your business model and setting-up a required team. During application process we can deliver key elements into the business plan, IT systems landscape, IT vendor selection, describing risk control framework, fully equipped AML compliance workplace, set of policies & procedures, etc. 

We participate in discussions and Q&A rounds with the regulator and respective institutions to conclude required documentation for the license.

While working on licensing documentation, we work on preparation activities in parallel to ensure that as soon as license is obtained, all products & processes, IT systems, risk controls, front & back-office, etc are in place to kick-off business operations.


Training of internal employees of our client is essential part of our delivery. We ensure that employees are well trained and ready to take on responsibility to run the financial organization properly.

And of course, we can always assist in further developments while expanding your business or complying with new regulations.

Our ultimate responsibility is to go through a licensing process together and deliver fully operational financial institution as soon as license is obtained.